The washable UHF tag has become generally known, especially in health care. The tag can be used for flat linen, but also for clothing and operating room textiles. This cutting-edge solution also appears more and more in elderly care, for example the personal laundry of nursing home residents. In these environments such large volumes are handled, that the follow up became work of specialists. No PROF. or DR. but UHF RFID. Currently this is the only technology that can cope with this task and presents managers the opportunity to perform their work as securely and efficiently as surgeons. Washing by kilo and manual counting, while robots jostle elsewhere in the hospital? This is not cost effective.

Thanks to UHF RFID, it’s possible to know exactly where any cloth or nurse’s uniform is located. Is it in the maintenance department or in the closet in your own department? The pile of linen in the cupboard will never be too small or too big. Money is saved while processes are improved. Everything will be under control.

Complete incoming and outgoing batches are read quickly. Scanning can be done using our standard scanners and readers, we can also work with you to develop a customized solution. As UHF RFID System Integrator we can also provide an interface with the software you are already using.



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