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In the hotel business, every square meter is valuable. Why would you give up space to overcrowded linen closets? Sheets and towels are best delivered a few hours before the guest checks in. Not only just-in-time but also at the desired location and in the correct quantity. Thanks to UHF RFID technology this is perfectly possible. Linen can not only be managed more efficiently by applying the tags, your investment will also be protected against guests who accidentally put a towel or bathrobe in their suitcase.

For this quality standard a customized reading system can be developed. Textilligence can assist you in your pursuit or retention of that extra star by increasing the service around delicate linen, while reducing the cost of lost linen.

We know that the field of tourism can expect to see growing interest in this technology. Textilligence can assist with the application of UHF RFID by means of an interface witha company’s own software platform.



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