Savings achievable with UHF technology for (small) linen items

on 11 October 2017 Comments Off on Savings achievable with UHF technology for (small) linen items

Did you know the loss of small linen items easily leads to high costs?

A study carried out by students at the request of one of our laundry customers, showed that € 20.000 can be saved on a yearly basis when miscounting and non-return of linen items can be reduced and customer stock piling of small linen articles minimalised.

The goal of the research was to investigate the circulation of small items like tea / handtowels and napkins.

Our laundry customer faced the following issues:

  • Too much stock at the customers
  • Miscount of stock on-site
  • No idea about the total amount of towels and napkins in circulation
  • No information about the exact lifetime of items
  • Rewashing and writing off of items caused by inaccurate information
  • Costs related to time consuming activities – like finding out the differences in soil counts – and missing and slow-moving items.

And here UHF RFID technology comes around the corner!

Based on the conclusions of the research, our laundry customer moved to UHF RFID technology.

Attaching a RFID chip to each linen item not only saves you a lot of money but also enables you to collect essential management information, which can be displayed on real-time dashboards. By means of UHF technology you can show your customer that the articles have already been returned to them, had to be rewashed or even never arrived at the laundry.

A selection of our customers’ experiences with UHF RFID technology:

  • Accurate and fast in scan soil / out scan clean items
  • Correct delivery notes
  • Fast data capture
  • Easy and correct inventory control and management
  • Avoiding overstock at the customers / unnecessary order of new linen / extra billing
  • Being able to compare quality versus price and life cycle of linen of several linen manufacturers

How can Textilligence help?

We constantly develop and update our UHF products and services to the latest standards, this in close cooperation with our customers.
We are pleased to inform you more in detail how this technology and our UHF RFID solutions can help improve your performance. Please consult us for more information.


TextilligenceSavings achievable with UHF technology for (small) linen items


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