Monitoring hygiene is key in healthcare!

Thanks to UHF RFID technology and the UHF RFID laundry tags for linen, uniforms and Operating Theatre textiles applications, everyone who needs to know, knows exactly where which sheet or nurse’s uniform is located and for how long its been there.

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Hotels, restaurants

In the hotel sector, the perfect delivery of sheets and towels is just-in-time, at the right location and in the right quantity. Thanks to UHF RFID technology, this is perfectly possible.

Textilligence also gladly assists you in your pursuit of gaining or retaining that extra star by increasing the service around quality-sensitive linen and at the same time reducing the costs of lost linen.

Heavy industry, government services, chemical sector

UHF RFID technology has also become widespread in the heavy industry, fire departments and chemical sector. After all, it is important to monitor exactly how many washes a uniform already had to be able to effectively check if the safety aspects still meet the requirements.

Food industry

Another example is the food industry, where strict hygienic standards and timely changes of uniforms are vital.

Full incoming and outgoing batches of garments are read at the “speed of light”.  Scanning can be done by using our proven range of standard scanners and readers. We can also design a tailor-made solution to meet your specific requirements.  As full UHF RFID System Integrator we can also interface with your existing software.



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