Which UHF solution is best for you?

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The main objective of UHF technology is of course to save time and costs on (manual) handling. But there is much more to this technology! It also gives you accurate information regarding the circulation speed of each of your valuable linen items, the lifetime, the amount of (re)washes, the location, etc. Excellent linen management will provide you with important information that not only benefits you but also your customers. And we all know, a happy customer is the core of your business.

Because we understand how important your company is to you, we constantly develop and update our UHF products and services to the latest standards, in close cooperation with our customers. Let’s figure out together which UHF solution suits you best:

UHF portals

Textilligence UHF scanning portals allow reading of high volumes of tags in a laundry facility or on site at a customer in a matter of seconds. Reading of UHF tagged linen items helps to control linen flows and keeps inventory moving.

Inscan portal
The inscan portal is used for scanning soiled linen arriving at the laundry.
Because of the size of the portal, it can easily be installed at the unloading stage for the trucks, eliminating any space requirements.

Outscan portal
The outscan portal is used for scanning clean linen leaving the laundry. Also, it can be used for clean linen arriving at or soiled linen leaving the end customer.

The portal is equipped with additional side panels to maximise the ability to read densely packed items.

The correct positioning of these portals is vital to the success of the project as space is key and we all want to assure a smooth process.

The portals are designed to meet the standard size of the laundry containers but can be increased in size if needed.

Reader sets

For each location in the laundry, or at the customer, we can provide you with the most suitable reader set.

Whether it regards scanning incoming linen at the conveyor belt or in the monorail bags, scanning garments at the hanging stations or linen at the stack checks, we have various reader sets available, suitable for each scan location.

The key to success is the configuration of the antennas; therefore you can always count on the expertise of our engineers.

On site solutions

As in the past the customer and laundry did not have an overview of the stock on site, overstock has become common across the industry.

The Textilligence smart phone and cloud applications enables you to improve the accuracy of lost stock figures by scanning static stock at the customer and by checking the data for customers with a high loss of pool items or a slow turn around.

This breakthrough UHF technology to track and trace unique linen items in a very easy and efficient way, truly changed the laundry industry.

TextilligenceWhich UHF solution is best for you?


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