Fujitsu UHF RFID chips for the laundry industry



Ultra-Rugged UHF RFID chips for Commercial and Industrial Textile Applications

Fujitsu´s latest industrial, extra strong and flexible UHF RFID chips have a new mechanical design offering improved performance for flat linen processing, withstanding high pressure extractors and flatwork ironers. Fujitsu chips enable bulk reading of hundreds of items simultaneous in just a few seconds with an extended reading range and the accuracy of state-of-the-art UHF RFID chip technology.

Laundries will significantly improve their linen and garment processing with near 100% accurate reading in both soiled and clean items. Garment and linen owners will see improved asset tracking and reduced loss of items while keeping their costs low by improving the workflow and efficiency.

Due to the usage of non-ferrous materials, the Fujitsu UHF RFID chips do not affect the specific MRI scans. Specially designed for use in the healthcare, hospitality and heavy / chemical industry.

Download specifications WT-A533

WT-A522 L

Fashion chips designed for permanent installation into fashion apparel, suits, formal wear, etc.

Measuring only 55 mm x 10 mm x 0.3 mm, made of transparent materials and virtually invisible when sewn into clothing or accessories, the WT-A522L chip can easily be sewn into hems, seams, or under manufacturers’ labels and is home wash, dry-clean, and ironing safe.



Fujitsu will also offer the WT-A522LA with a strong adhesive for attachment to shoes, handbags, and accessories.

Download specifications WT-A522L/WT-A522LA
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