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Textilligence has invested heavily in R&D and has developed UHF scanning portals that enable the reading of large amounts of linen simultaneously.
Together with our engineering team, we have developed an innovative concept; a portal that can handle three different tasks. Scanning containers filled with clean linen, scanning large amounts of soiled linen and scanning boxes of new stock from suppliers. Thanks to our experience in this area, we have created a one stop integrated solution, the UHF scanning portal.

What goes in…Portal-Textillegence-vrijst

A laundry needs to know the quantity of dirty linen coming in for production planning, prioritization and order generation. But, often the hospital or hotel wants to be able to check the laundry. Therefore, the production tracking cycle often starts with a portal at the customer’s site, followed up by a laundry based scan.

The correct positioning of these portals is vital to the success of the project as space is always at a premium and we all want to keep lean and smooth process flow.  The UHF Scanning Portals are designed to meet the size of most standard laundry containers but can be increased in size if needed.

…must come out

It is essential that on the out scan you only read the tags you want to read. For this reason, Textilligence has developed the out scan portal, equipped with additional side panels to maximize the ability to read densely packed tags and almost totally exclude the chance of reading stray tags from outside the portal. The location of this portal is vital as packing areas in laundries are renown for not havinOut -scan portal blauw (DSC_5876) kleing enough space.

Again, customers often want to check the laundry by scanning the work back in.  This can be achieved by a UHF Scanning Portal but is possible as well by our Smartphone App solution, which has other features such as on-site inventory checking

The massive benefit of this is besides knowing how many items went to the customer, as well as which unique identified ones. Imagine the importance of this fact. This provides a wealth of new information such as the customer turnaround of a product, the laundries internal turnaround time, stock hoarding, stock life

… and was it right?

One of the major advantages of using UHF RFID is that everyone is sure that no errors were made in counting or in entering data for the delivery notes. Allow technology avoiding the human error (and cost) from this. If the first 3 points of installing RFID are followed carefully, this count will be far more accurate than a manual count.  This advantage can be used by the laundry as a unique selling point.

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